How to Recycle Car Battery

Once the battery in your car reaches its limit, it means that it’s time to dispose of it. A car battery is also known as a lead-acid battery containing a mix of lead, plastic and sulfuric acid. These materials are toxic to the environment which is why it is important that you handle it with care.

By recycling your old car batteries, you are helping the environment by minimizing the waste. It also helps reduce the use of raw materials.

A lot of people are now starting to recycle their car batteries. In case you don’t know, car batteries are one of the most recyclable products in the U.S. Most motorists return their old batteries to their car dealership or auto shop where they purchased their battery.

Each state has specific laws when it comes to recycling your battery. In most states, you are required to give back your old battery every time you buy a new one. In some cases, you are asked to pay a deposit. You can always check your local dealership for a list of services that can take your old battery.

Car batteries should be disposed properly and never together with your regular household waste. Don’t just throw it in your trash bin or leave it on the sidewalk.

You can have your car batteries collected at garages, metal recycling sites, scrap facilities, and recycling centers. Another option is to ask the mechanic who replaced your car battery if they can take it back and dispose of it.

What happens to your old battery?

Once you give up your old battery, the components are recycled and transferred into new batteries. After all, your car battery is built with a hundred percent recyclable lead. The plastic parts are also used to build new batteries and other items. The sulfuric acid, on the other hand, are converted to sodium sulfate which is used in various types of products.

How is your battery recycled?

The lead from the plastic casing is extracted and melted. The fresh new lead is then incorporated to produce a new battery. The plastic, on the other hand, is cleaned so that it can be used again. Meanwhile, the sulfuric acid becomes neutralized and treated.

In case you experience a battery problem, you have an option to test, diagnose and change your battery in real time. Whenever you’re buying a new battery, always bear the responsibility of maintaining and disposing of it the correct way. Keep it clean with the KevianClean Auto Detailing Towel.

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