When to Replace your Shock Absorbers

Your shocks play a crucial role in your car’s suspension system. It keeps your driving safe and allows you to control your vehicle more efficiently. Similar to other car parts, shocks are also prone to wear and tear, especially if you are using it on a daily basis.

Over time, its performance may gradually decline and thus may not function properly. However, regularly inspecting your shocks can prevent this scenario from happening. We’ll give you some signs so that you’ll know when it’s time to replace your shock absorbers.

  1. Trouble when stopping. Old shock absorbers can greatly contribute to how effective your brakes are. It can increase your braking distance as much as 20%. This can lead to potential accidents on the road.
  2. Vibration in the steering wheel. If you feel any vibrations in your steering wheel while you’re driving, it may be due to worn out shocks. The faster the speed, the more intense the vibrations may develop. This can reduce your control and handle over your vehicle.
  3. Uneven tire wear. Inspect your tires and check for bald spots. If you notice that the spots are uneven, it may be attributed to a case of bad shocks. Use the KevianClean Wheel Cleaner to make sure your tires are clean and ready to perform.
  4. Observe how your car reacts every time you go over a hump or bump in the road. If it doesn’t seem glide over the edges smoothly and it feels that you’re riding on a horse, then it may be a sign for you to change your shock absorbers.
  5. Steers to the sides. If your car has a tendency to steer on one side of the road, you may need to replace your shocks.
  6. Another sign is when your car tends to swerve whenever you press on the brakes. If the bumper of your car dips on the front every time you stop, then it may be another sign that its time for a replacement.

When you’re unsure of the condition of your shocks, you can always have it professionally checked just to be sure. Often, the longevity of your shock absorbers are valid and must be replaced every time you reach 80,000 km.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the wear and tear of your shock absorbers. It can be due to the type of vehicle you drive, the weight and load you are carrying, the way you drive, and the kind of road you are driving on.

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