6 Must-have Car Accessories

Your car is often an extension of your home. There are some fixtures in our home that we usually need and use in our cars. So why not put in your vehicle, right?

Here are some accessories worth having in your vehicle. Don’t leave home without any of these.

  1. Water bottle. When you’re driving for hours or running simultaneous errands, you may get thirsty at some time. Keeping a fresh bottle of water in your vehicle can prevent you from getting dehydrated. Avoid leaving your water bottle in your car especially when you’re parked under direct exposure to sunlight.
  1. Foldable bag. Keeping a foldable bag in your car won’t eat up much space. You’ll find it useful every time you suddenly have to do an errand like pick-up some groceries or buying some items in the market. You’ll never realize how important and convenient it is until you actually need to use your bag.
  1. USB charger. Always keep a USB charger in your compartment. Plug it in your cigarette socket to charge your mobile phone in case the battery drains out. It can be a life saver especially when you’re having an emergency. In case your car doesn’t have a USB port, keep a power bank stowed in your car. Just make sure it is fully charged.
  1. Bluetooth headset. Use a Bluetooth headset to answer and make calls. This ensures that your hands are on the wheel and your eyes are focused on the road and not on your mobile phone. Driving while using your mobile phone is one of the highest causes of accidents all over the world. Some states prohibit drivers from using their phones while driving.
  1. Car tray. Installing a car tray in your vehicle can serve you many uses. You can use it to put your child’s snacks or perhaps use it as a temporary workstation. Either way, it serves multiple purposes and you can easily fold it when not in use. It’s a definitely must-have accessory in your car.
  1. Pepper Spray. It may not be the most obvious choice but it may indeed be very useful in case of emergency. A pepper spray can protect you from bad people who might want to harm you or your vehicle.

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