How to Avoid Car Accidents


When you are driving your car, a lot of unexpected things can happen. You can encounter accidents on the road. This is why it is important for you to do everything you can to ensure your safety as well as your passengers.

Car accidents may be unpredictable but most of the time, it can be prevented. Being the person behind the wheel, you should be responsible for keeping everyone safe from harm. Make sure that you are strictly following the rules on road safety and avoid any possible scenarios that can lead into a mishap.

One of the major causes of road accidents can be attributed to unsafe driving practices. Here are some tips to help prevent car injuries and accidents from happening. 

  • Be aware of your blind spots.
Don’t rely solely on your rearview and side mirrors. Always be observant especially in your blind spots.

    Always look at both areas beside you before switching lanes. There are some corners where your rearview and side mirror doesn’t appear to reach. At the same time, you should also consider that you may be in the blind spot of other vehicles. Make sure you clean your mirrors with the KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo to avoid any distractions and to make your view clear and visible.

    • Move your seat closer to the wheels.
    By adjusting your seat and positioning it closer to your steering wheel, your arms can now rest on top of the wheel. This gives you a more comfortable seating and driving position.

      At the same time, it’s easier to maneuver the steering wheel in case of an emergency. You will be able to easily move away from danger. Always keep one hand on the steering wheel at all times.

      • Drive slowly especially during traffic stops.
      When you are turning in intersections, always look at both ways before you proceed. A lot of accidents happen at intersections especially when the driver doesn’t notice the appearance of speeding vehicles.

        Once the light shifts from red to green, don’t immediately rush into driving. In some cases, there are motorists who try to beat the yellow light so instead of stopping, they increase their speed. Chances are you may run into this kind of drivers.

        • Avoid areas with construction.
        In some instances, your normal route may take you through buildings that are being constructed. Try to take another route that is safer.

          There may be debris from the construction lying around the street which may cause your wheels to bust. In some cases, debris may accidentally fall from the construction site. It is better to avoid this route altogether until the construction is finished.

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