What to Look for in Wheel and Tire Cleaners

When searching for wheel and tire cleaners, here are the things you need to keep in mind. You should take into consideration the main claims to fame of the cleaner in question.

Let's take the KevianClean Wheel Cleaner for instance. It's main properties is that it's not an all-purpose cleaner so it's specifically suited for cleaning various wheels, whether they have clearcoat on them or not.

What's more, like all other KevianClean products, it leaves no residue so it's much safer to the environment in case you prioritize minimizing your carbon footprint and whatnot because, for example, you might be a Hybrid Car driver and whatnot. Choose your wheel and tire cleaners based on your needs, in other words.

What Are Your Needs When It Comes to Wheel and Tire Cleaning?

  • Other Cleaners Are Multipurpose and Foamy: Perhaps you don't want to buy separate cleaners for your tire and your wheel. You can therefore avail of wheel and tire cleaners that can clean out both. You should go for the foamiest ones on the market. They're safe on the hubs and rims, can easily rinse out brake dust without scratching any surfaces, or deal with the thickest of mud cakes on your tires and mud flaps. The secret is unsurprisingly the extra foam that work just like the foam of your
  • Effortless Agitation and Dirt Removal: A good cleaner should also be capable of making water wetter because the main difficulty of cleaning anything comes from the surface tension of water that soap is capable of breaking, allowing for things like grease and water mixing together. Automotive detailing cleaners should be able to work on the entire wheel with the assistance of a soft brush that can agitate the dirt away just enough for its removal.
  • Safeness and It's Easily Washable: The beauty of products like KevianClean Wheel Cleaner is that it's easily washable and removable due to it leaving little residue when all is said and done. It's also safe to use on all OEM or factory wheels as well as hubcaps and rims. Anything that's chrome, modular, steel, color-coated, clearcoated, or can be painted over, it can wash as safely as possible. It's also good at preventing eventual bondage between contaminant and metal surfaces.
  • Acid-Free and pH Balanced: Instead of taking the cleaner's word for it that it's safe on all wheels, specifically search through the ingredients list to see if it has any acid content or if it's pH balanced to clean out your wheels, whether or not they're painted or clearcoated. The last thing you want to do is use a supposed all-purpose car shampoo or auto detailing cleaner that has harsh chemicals on it that will do more damage than good on your vehicle, especially your sensitive wheels.


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