Car Air Vent Maintenance Tips

If you thought that cleaning your car interior only required you to wipe the dashboard and console with an all-purpose cleaner like KevianClean Interior Defense or condition your leather upholstery with KevianClean Leather Cleaner then you've got another think coming.

For instance, you need special tools in order to clean out your car vents, and simple sprays or wipes with your cleaner won't cut it. You should specifically find a way to get between those narrow slots because they make it difficult for you to clean them with just a rag or even a microfiber towel.

Air Vent Maintenance 101

  • Cleaning the Vent Entranceway: Use the right cleaner, with KevianClean Interior Defense being a recommended choice, to clean the front of the vents with a cotton swab soaked with your product. You can use a scented cleaner or a scent-free one. Just keep in mind that any scent put in your vents will linger for a long, long time. Don't forget to clean all corners and crevices as well as your auto's lower air vents for you legs that are under the dash.
  • All-Access to the Car Air Vents: You can either buy a commercial air vent cleaning stick for about a dollar or you can get a foam paint brush and work your way into cleaning out the vents with that. The idea here is to slide the brush into your vents in order to catch all the dust and gunk into its porous foam as you go on cleaning. Anything that the car vacuum can't suck up you should be able to catch with the brush. That's a life hack right there. Don't forget to clean it up afterwards though. It's certainly better than using your mouth to blow the vents clean.
  • Blowing Your Vents Clean the Right Way: You can buy a can of air in order to blow out all the dust and dirt that has accumulated within your car vents. This is the can of air duct treatment that's as simple as can be to execute. Just get a can of air, blow it onto your air vent openings, and clean out the resulting dust all over your vinyl dashboard and leather seats with a vacuum cleaner and the appropriate KevianClean cleaner or protectant. Voila. You're done.
  • Damaged Air Vents and Vent Frames: Let's say your car's air vent frame got damaged because of an accident on the road, in the middle of someone trying to jack your radio, or it got cracked after you hurled your groceries a little too hard on it. You can ignore it, hide it, or get it replaced altogether. This can get tricky. Typically, a damaged air vent frame is hard to get parts for if your car is already out of warranty. But if you know where to look online, you can get a good bargain without needing your dealer to get you OEM replacement parts.


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