Repairing Leather: Do It Yourself or Do It Professionally?

When fixing a rough patch of scuffed auto leather, you need to use filler material for it. Yes, you can indeed patch up rough or rigid leather areas that have been worn down by using fillers and by forming an inverted T-shaped patch with them.

When fixing flexible materials like leather, you might need to get a patch glued to its underside that serves as the backer for the filler. The product should then be blended into the leather (or vinyl) once the patch is dry with light sanding via sandpaper.

Don't forget to clean the area with KevianClean Leather Cleaner for good measure before refinishing with a colorant. With that said, should you repair leather yourself or professionally?

It's a Learned Skill

  • Practice on a Test Piece: If you want to repair leather yourself, then you should first practice on a test piece of leather. Fillers and colorants can work on both leather and vinyl, by the way. However, it's also important to remember that if the leather is too damaged to justify using filler on it, then it's about time you replace the leather seat or reupholster your entire car. Only use this DIY knowledge on leather that isn't too damaged and is ultimately fixable.
  • Auto Detailing: Once the leather damage on your car crosses a line wherein attempting to fix it is beyond your capabilities or budget, then it's about time you depended on a professional to handle it. They have all the tools required to make quick work of any stain, crack, rip, tear, and so forth within your car interior but at a steep price you should be prepared to deal with. Otherwise, the aforementioned reupholstering or replacement is your best bet.
  • Leather Cleaner Kit: It might also be a good idea to invest on a leather cleaner kit. After all, prevention is better than the cure more often than not. You can buy KevianClean Leather Cleaner or Conditioner as standalone products for sure, but sometimes it's better to have a kit lying around so that you can pamper your interior and ensure its prettiness or conditioning with the utmost of care and completeness.
  • Spoiled for Choice: There are many types of kits to choose from. The come with different brands and some of them even extend their collection of products from regular maintenance to outright repair. You can do quite a lot of DIY repairs with these kits because they also contain colorants, fillers, sandpaper, and every other tool needed to finish the job. On top of that, you won't have to buy each cleaner, conditioner, cleaning tool, and so forth separately.


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