Wax vs Polish: What's the Difference?

There are people who polish their car before waxing it. Others do the opposite but that's not recommended by many wax manufacturers unless your car already looks polished after cleaning.

Regardless, you still have to clean the car before putting on wax or polish. The polish adds protection that makes it easier for the wax to bond with the car finish like a special Saran wrap for cars.

What's more, the wax comes with a coat designed to give what's underneath more shine, so the finish should be polished first before it's wrapped up. Polishing and waxing will give cars with faded paint the most benefit.

Applying Car Wax or Polish

  • Pro Polish and Orbital Polishers: One way to make a dull car with a faded finish shine again like brand new is to have it polished at a professional detail shop. You will have to pay a pretty penny for it though, since these shops use sophisticated tools like orbital polishers during the polishing and waxing process. Watch out, because when it's not done correctly this orbital polisher can remove the paint from the finish or at least damage it. That's why you also have to pay labor so the expertise of the laborer will keep such accidents from happening.
  • Circular Motion Application: Firstly, when applying car polish then car wax, they should be put on through a circular motion. Secondly, they should be applied one section at a time. Hood, then front panels, then door panels, then roof, then the rear panels, and then finally the trunk. Most auto waxing products require you to have them haze prior to removal or buffering. After the haze has occurred then you can remove them using a circular motion with a soft cloth or microfiber towel. Turn them frequently for best results.
  • Restoration Requires Thorough Washing: Before the old car paint can be restored, you need to thoroughly wash it first. Actually, paint restoration might only need a car wash using products like KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo. This is because most paints after the 1980's have a clear coat finish on them, thus allowing them to have a polished shine as though you waxed them or something. Regardless, don't polish unless all dust and dirt is washed off.
  • Fixing Imperfections: You or your auto detailing shop can use car rust paint for the sake of touching up any imperfections on your vehicle's finish. As a rule of thumb, the older the car the more imperfections it has and the more detailing it needs. Once it's been detailed, you will see and feel the difference from your vehicle. It looks and feels good as new, like it's gotten a new lease on life. To maintain the old car paint, waxing with KevianClean Quick Wax should prolong its polished look for many months or years to come.

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