Top Tips in Cleaning Auto Leather Upholstery

There are many ways to go about cleaning your auto leather seats and upholstery, chief among them the use of baking soda. It acts as a means to remove the grease stain by absorbing it unto itself while at the same time being entirely as disposable as kitty litter.

You can also depend on nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to blot out tough stains like ink stains or perhaps hardened superglue on the leather surface.

If you don't want to think too much about the intricacies of leather cleanup, you can count on KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Spray to take care of all the details for you without you needing to experiment much.

DIY Cleaning for Your Car's Leather Interior

  • Baking Soda: This cleaner is dependable when it comes to cleaning your leather anything, including seats, panels, roofs, and dashboards, because of its ability to remove grease and oil stains. Just sprinkle it on the stain and rub it in with a damp cloth. Let it sit there overnight then voila! You're good to go because of the soda's ability to absorb oil unto itself. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe the powder and a damp cloth to wipe the residue. Dry the rest with a towel.
  • Nail Polish Remover or Rubbing Alcohol: Get some nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and dip a cotton swab in either of them. From there, use them to blot the stain out. Don't use the both of them at the same time though. From there, lift the stain with a rag or cloth that absorbs it from the leather. Afterwards, clean the area with a mild solution of warm water mixed with liquid dishwashing soap. Wipe the area clean with a damp cloth and let it dry.
  • The Dangers of Going DIY with Leather Cleanup: There's no protection available because no amount of natural coating can be added to the leather for the sake of added protection. Many of these home-based products, even though they're all-natural, will continue to cheat your leather of emollient oils necessary to lengthen its usefulness. Finally, because of the lack of the protective layer or conditioning, you run the risk of having the leather lose its softness or hue altogether.
  • Speaking of Conditioners: Aside from getting a product that's 2-in-1 a leather cleaner and conditioner, you can also avail of standalone leather conditioners as well. To be more specific, one advantage of going standalone is the ability to find products with sunscreen to keep your seats and dash from fading and cracking due to ultraviolet ray exposure. It also gives your leather a nice shine to it, like it's been polished to perfection on top of being cleaned.

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