Useful Tips for DIY Car Cleaning

KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo is where it's at when it comes to straightforward hand-based or machine-based carwash. Many commercial establishments make use of this product as their shampoo of choice.

Motorists also depend on the shampoo when it comes to some do-it-yourself cleaning out of their filthy vehicles after a week's worth of grime and debris has accumulated on their automobiles.

Furthermore, certain carwash centers tend to have commercial car shampoos that contain abrasive materials that could damage your paint. It's better to wash your car by yourself to keep your car's paint job in perfect working order.

With that in mind, here's what you need to remember when it comes to washing your car by hand.

How to Wash a Car by Hand

  • Feel Free to Indulge in Hand Carwash: This can be quite the relaxing and satisfying activity to get into. Washing your car by hand doesn't require much conscious thought on your part. It's all purely instinct, which is why some husbands use the "excuse" of washing the car in order to get away from the stress of work or household chores while not looking like he's being lazy. What's more, hand-washing your car will save you money that'd otherwise be spent at a carwash.
  • Pay Extra Attention to Dirty Areas: The great thing about DIY hand-washing of your car is that you have a vested interest in paying extra attention to dirty areas of your vehicle. Even the most effective commercial carwash will tend to miss spots and usually you'll have to pay extra at a car detailer to clean those areas out. With you on the helm of cleansing, you're sure to notice and deal with every last spec of dirt and every last bit of brake dust.
  • Don't Use Old Bath Towels: Don't use old, discarded bath towels from your house to clean your car. There's a high chance that they're not soft enough or paint-safe for your vehicle, leading to scratches when they absorb the grit then spread the filth all over your finish. Instead, you should use microfiber towels because they actually keep the grit away from the paint and they're engineered to be completely lint-free.
  • Microfiber versus Chamois: Some beginner or ignorant motorists might think that a chamois and a microfiber towel is the same thing. Actually, a chamois is a completely different but similarly absorbent type of wiping product that's available as either synthetic or genuine. Some are made of extremely soft 100% leather with luxurious texture that's a pleasure to use when drying off your vehicle. A synthetic chamois lasts longer still but a microfiber towel has more versatility and a finer thread count.

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