Maintain Your Wheels with KevianClean Wheel Cleaner

Time travel doesn't exist except in fiction. However, it is possible for your wheels to travel to the future and look like they've aged ten years with rough abuse with zero maintenance or cleanup.

With that said, if you want to prolong the youthfulness of your wheels and tires, you should use the right car cleaning products and accessories in order to restore one of your ride's main means of locomotion to its former glory.

Car wash shampoo might simply not be enough to deal with your wheel's needs, especially the "naked" metal ones with no paint finish.

Things to Remember about KevianClean Wheel Cleaner

  • The Main Issues of Wheel Maintenance: Who doesn't love fancy alloy or chrome wheels with their elegance and chic look? They serve as a true fashion statement on your car that's superior to bumper stickers or even spoilers. Nevertheless, some open-spoke designs are exposed to the brakes, leaving plenty of room for brake dust build-up and even road salts to ruin them when push comes to shove, especially in wintry conditions.
  • KevianClean to the Rescue: In order to keep your rims from being marred and becoming hideous because of the damage done by road salt and brake dust, you should avail of KevianClean Car Wheel Cleaner. It will keep your auto rim clean easily because it's a super-effective type of spray that also covers cleanup of your tires for good measure. It can keep all sorts of rims clean and protected from corrosive elements.
  • The Type of Rims It Protects: KevianClean can keep your chrome-plated, aluminum, or alloy rims perfectly protected since it cleans out all the grease, gunk, and debris that can wreck it while also providing a film of protection that keeps the dust and salt from sticking to the rims to the point of bonding with them.  It's also a spray so it's quite easy to use. It's easier to manage how much of the product you're using as recommended by the bottle so that you're not wasteful of it.
  • Extra Shiny and Polished: You want a product that makes you work smarter not harder. A spray or two goes a long way when you're using KevianClean Wheel Cleaner. It's as convenient and easy to use as the comparably effective KevianClean Interior Defense, which works the same way but this time when it comes to your dashboard, console, and interior upholstery.  It doesn't require scrubbing and it's a high-foaming formula that captures the debris in a way that makes it easy to wipe off or hose off.

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