The Ultimate Guide to a Complete Car Wash

To get right into it, the first thing you need to do when washing your car is to put a cup of KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo in a bucket of water.

From there, spray water over your car and take care to initially hose away the dirt that has formed there. Afterwards, dip your cloth or mitt into the foamy suds and apply it onto your car.

You should also have a separate bucket with clean water so that you won't end up recycling dirt back onto your car by double-dipping into your bucket of soap water. It's less of a waste of soap to clean out your mitt first before getting more soap water into your bucket.

Other Things to Do when Cleaning Your Car

  • Shampoo from the Ground Up: When you shampoo with your two-bucket method of cleaning your car, you should go from bottom to the top with the caveat that you clean or replace your wash mitt immediately after you're done cleaning the wheels. You might need to use KevianClean Wheel Cleaner to properly clean your wheels, brake dust and all before cleaning the running boards, fenders, and the like. Of course, if you clean the bottom part first, reduce risk in harming your paint by using separate towels.
  • Shampoo from Top to Bottom: The argument to clean your car from top to bottom instead of the other way around also curiously uses the same reasons as its opposite version. The spots below are harder to clean, so instead of cleaning that first clean the top first, let the soap water flow down, and then you can clean the bottom part last. This also allows you to not need to worry about re-cleaning down below due to the dirt you've cleaned from up top.
  • Drying Out Hidden Areas: You should not forget to dry out hidden areas like our door handles, side mirrors, cowl, door hinges, trunk, and hood. They build up water and can cause heavy staining over time. This can worsen all the way to corrosion, deterioration, and outright complete destruction if not taken care of properly. You also want to prevent external watermarks from these wet areas as you drive off. Open up the areas and wipe away with the right towel, cloth, mitts, or chamois. A squeeze blower is fine too.
  • Save Your Mitts: Save your best mitts, towels, and cloths for your paint. Use any used rags for your cooling vents, exhaust tips, and wheels. Anything that requires heavy-duty cleaning should have a heavy-duty ragged mitt to clean it up. Use an older towel for areas under your running board, bumpers, and wheel wells. Don't use the same mitt that has gone through your exhaust or wheel on your paint. That's just asking for trouble and it's a bad habit that you should nip in the bud for sure.


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