Facts about Automatic Transmission Wiring Connector

The automatic transmission wiring connector or automotive wiring harness is a part of your car that makes sure it's transmitting properly when you shift from one gear to the other without the need to drive stick or manually.

It's what allows automatic cars to drive automatically and shift from one speed to another the more you push your gas pedal. You can get it as an off-the-shelf replacement part that you or a professional can install. It's also available in kits with instructions and tools on how to get it working

Tips for Buying a Wiring Connector

Here are the recommendations for choosing and purchasing an automatic transmission wiring harness.

  • The Basics of What to Look For: The earmarks of a quality wiring harness for your automatic transmission include transmission responsiveness regardless of the speed you're going and long-term durability even though it's a replacement part. Every function of the transmission is controlled by electronic signals. If that connection is broken from the wiring connector or any of the wires, then they should be replaced immediately.
  • Sensitivity and Nuance Is Important: The high-end variety of wiring connectors for auto transmission has enough nuance and sensitivity in conveying different signals to solenoids and sensors. These connectors avoid potential interruptions by having quality material, thick insulation, and impact-resistance so that they're not easily pulled out or ripped apart from their placement in your vehicle.
  • OBD or On-Board Diagnostics: Also look for OBD ports in case that's the automotive connector your car is using. Stripping insulation from wires to connect, reconnect, disconnect, and put in new connections is time consuming. Most cars therefore use on-board diagnostic ports that tell you when something needs replacement. Because most automatic cars are state-of-the-art cars with an OBD computer that controls everything, your transmission wiring connector will most likely be linked to the OBD.
  • Quality of Your Connectors: Your automotive's automatic wiring harness and connector should be made in the USA and manufactured under strict QS-9000 quality requirements, among many other government bodies for quality assurance. Certification from a trusted organization is your best bet in determining whether or not they're tested thoroughly. If you aren't able to gearshift automatically even with the replacements, then something might be wrong with the wiring connector quality or compatibility.
  • Just Parts or Complete Kits? If you're a mechanic or have mechanic-level skills to the point wherein you can tinker on your ride on your own even if it's one of today's complicated electronically controlled units, then go ahead. Buy individual parts to save money. However, if your car DIY fixing skill level is middling and you can't even change a tire by yourself, then get a complete kit before handing your car to a mechanic. You can try to install it using the kit's instructions or provide the mechanic the kit. He can also opt to get you to buy specific parts instead.

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