The Most Common Car Stereo Problems

Installing a new stereo system in your car can be quite exciting. The good thing is you can easily do it by yourself. Although it may be easier to install, a new sound system may be more complicated to operate. Most often, drivers tend to experience occasional problems including a distorted audio.

Check your car manual to identify the location of your stereo wiring. It can either be found on the dashboard or the trunk of your vehicle.

In this case, here are some of the most common reasons why your stereo may be having issues.

  1. Faulty connection
A defective wiring can lead to problems. Make sure you check all connections including the wiring in the receiver and amplifier. Since your car is always moving, the connections can also move and become disconnected at some point.

    When checking your connection, make sure the wires can accommodate the power supply in order for the stereo to work. Sometimes a loose connection can cut the audio from time to time or worse, it can disrupt the stereo completely.

    1. Blown speakers
    A blown out speaker can produce a distorted sound. Unfortunately, if this is the case, you have to replace it because it a blown out speaker is beyond repairable. You can check the damage behind the stereo cover.
      1. A wrong amplifier setting
      Your stereo’s amplifier system is an important part of your car stereo. It can enhance the audio quality of your sound system. However, it is a bit more complex to operate.

        Make sure you check the manual and connections to keep things in order. Learn how to adjust the settings for maximum performance.

        1. Improper ground wiring
        Your stereo’s ground wiring can significantly affect the performance of your vehicle, especially the speakers. If the wiring is faulty, it can cause a spotty sound. When this happens, you should move the ground wire to a stable location and secure it tightly in place. Some ground wiring can come loose.

          Testing the Speakers

          Once you’ve checked everything mentioned above, you can test your speakers by taking out the harness of the wire from the amplifier. Check the positive and negative wires and terminals of your stereo and connect them together to determine if the wires are in good shape.   

          Before using your speakers, make sure you clean your interior with our KevianClean Interior Defense to eliminate all signs of dust on the dashboard panel and stereo housing.

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