Best Automotive Blogs Every Car Enthusiast Should Read

Most people who are into cars enjoy reading car magazines and browsing information online. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran car enthusiast, you should always keep yourself updated on the current news about the car industry.

If you want to brush up on your automotive skills and update your car knowledge, here are some sites you should visit.

  1. Autoblog ( - This site is one of the most visited blogs online. It has the best comprehensive reviews, relevant feature articles, and covers the latest news in the automotive industry. If you want to know anything related to cars, you should visit this blog.
  1. Motor Trend ( – If you are looking for the latest and hottest trends in the car world, this blog is most suitable for you. This blog features articles and updates on new cars and car accessories. If you want to know what’s happening right now, make sure to check this website.
  1. Jalopnik ( – This blog is another popular site for car enthusiasts. It has write-ups on the newest cars in the market as well as the most interesting stories about the auto industry. This site also provides general advice on how to improve your driving.
  1. Be Car Care Aware ( – For car enthusiasts who are looking for tips on how to properly take care of their vehicle, this blog is certainly your go to website. This site was created specifically to help car owners keep their vehicles in good condition. It is segregated by sections including tips, video tutorials, and events. If you need a comprehensive guide, this blog should be bookmarked on your browser.
  1. Your Mechanic ( – This site’s objective is to educate car owners about their vehicles. This blog has articles on how to troubleshoot your car in case you encounter any problem. Their how to guide is very useful, especially for people who have no idea where to begin.
  1. Girls Auto Clinic ( – This blog is strategically customized to help women understand how their car works. This website posts articles to help you make better decisions about your vehicle. Although it was intended for women, this site has now a diverse set of followers and has write-ups that can relate to everyone.

After reading these blogs, make sure you follow their tips and advice. Don’t forget to use our KevianClean Interior Defense to keep the interior of your car clean and in good shape.

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