The Lowdown on Synthetic Oil

Most motorists are aware that synthetic oil performs better compared to regular motor oils. However, not many are familiar with the differences of the two. Most car manufacturers recommend using certain types and brands of motor oil for their vehicle. Nonetheless, many still recommend using synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil Vs Regular Oil

A Synthetic oil is refined, purified or distilled. It is broken down into basic molecules to remove the impurities. This provides better protection and performance compared to regular oils. A premium synthetic oil has natural abilities to clean the engine deposits and help you saves money.

A high-quality synthetic oil can last longer than the usual interval of your oil change. The lesser you have your oil changed, the more time and money you can save. Plus, it provided superior engine performance. When you are cleaning your engine from oil residue, use the KevianClean Auto Detailing Towel.

Here are some of the benefits of using synthetic oil:

  1. Keeps your engine clean – While you are driving, the flow of oil through the engine picks up deposits. These deposits reduce the efficiency of your engine. A synthetic oil prevents the formation of deposits in your engine for better performance.
  1. Provides better engine protection – Since your engine parts are constantly in contact with each other, a synthetic oil protects your car components against wear and tear. This increases the lifespan of your engine. Compared to regular oils, a synthetic oil is much more efficient in protecting your engine parts.
  1. Produces better flow in low temperatures – When your car is not in use, the oil tends to settle in. Once you start your engine, the oil flows through the parts to protect your engine from rubbing against each other. If you live in a low-temperature climate, the flow of oil is much slower than the normal rate. Synthetic oils are produced to speed up the process even during cold temperatures.
  1. Produces better flow in high temperatures – Similarly, if your engine is hot, it can cause regular oil to evaporate which reduces the protection of your engine parts. Synthetic oils are designed to withstand high temperatures especially if you are living in a hot climate or you are constantly driving under the heat of the sun.
  1. Protects critical car components – Some cars are built with smaller engines with turbochargers. This provides fuel efficiency and extra power. Turbochargers require motor oils that can lubricate it effectively and fast. Regular oil can leave deposits on the turbocharger which is why synthetic oils can boost its performance better.

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