Auto Detailing 101: Basics for Every Car Owner

Waxing or putting a protective coat of wax over a car to make its cleanliness last longer is connected closely with detailing. Many car detail services include waxing as part of their menu.

At any rate, by picking and using as recommended the right type of car wax or wheel wax, then water should be the only thing you need to clean your wheels between waxings.

The rest of the dirt is expected to bounce off or around in a ricochet care of the auto detailing waxing product. The protection afforded by waxing isn't permanent though.

This is why you should wax every 2-3 months or even 6 months to a year depending on the amount of usage and mileage you have on your car's looks. This is especially true of certain vintage cars in specialty collections.

Detailing and Waxing

  • The Right Tools: While waxing requires you to have the right stuff, namely the wax, you need the right tools and how to use them properly when doing a complete detailing regimen. The act of waxing and the car wax can be considered one of these tools since detailing is all about restoring your car finish's look between washing and waxing. Detailing helps waxing your car out by prepping your paint before the waxing can commence.
  • Removal Process: When undergoing car detailing, it typically involves asphalt and tar removal as well as getting rid of grime. You need to do this before you can start waxing because wax can seal that grime, tar, or asphalt stain on your finish. The sooner you get rid of them, the faster you'll be able to wash, polish, and wax your car in that exact order.
  • Detailer Spray versus Wax: Detailer spray is something a little bit more heavy-duty than your usual cleaner and car shampoo. It's formulated so that you can do daily detailing on your car without ruining it. Some of these detailers come mixed with wax and can be applied with microfiber towels. Thusly, you can hit two birds with one stone by availing of these waxy detailers. Remember to use the right strokes to prevent streaks from happening.
  • Detailing Can Come After Waxing: Detailing can serve as the final step to your waxing regimen, thus backing the fantastic gleam of a freshly waxed car. You can also use detailing spray with spray wax to get the same effect as a 2-in-1 wax and detailer combo. At any rate, always remember that KevianClean Quick Wax is one of the best and most efficient waxes you can use out there.


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