Interior Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Let's cut right to the chase. While most motorists know the basics of cleaning their car interior, which mostly involves prodigious wiping with KevianClean Interior Defense and loads of vacuuming every nook and cranny, they don't know the fine details of the craft. We've consulted with the pros and here's what you need to do in order to properly clean up your car in every which way.

Commonly Overlooked Things When Cleaning Car Interiors

  • Washing the Window Edge: Many motorists neglect washing the window edge, leading to compromised car window function. To clean the edge, first roll your windows partway. There should be a line of grime along the top quarter-inch. The pro detailers never forget to check that out then wipe that off. It's simple enough to do. You simply need the presence of mind to remember wiping that edge or the window sills every time.
  • Cleaning Streaks Like the Experts: The streak marks on your glass window can be maddening to clean up because they could be on the interior or exterior surface of the glass. You can deal with this frustration by wiping the exterior glass surfaces horizontally and then wiping the interior glass vertically. This way, you'll know if you missed a spot or two at a single glance. Being organized when cleaning your car can pay dividends to you in more ways than one.
  • Dealing with Cloth Seat Cleanup: You should use caution when it comes to cleaning your tough-to-clean cloth seat. Letting frustration get the better of you usually results in a ruined seat. Fabrics naturally soak up lots of moisture and won't dry easily or completely. Therefore, you shouldn't use too many liquid cleaning products on the seat to avoid the musty musk of leftover cleaning product residue. If possible, remove the cloth seat or have the cloth seat covers washed in the washing machine for good measure.
  • Baking Soda Is Your Best Friend Against Stenches: Speaking of musky smells, dealing with the smell of your car is as important as getting rid of any dirt, trash, and contaminants it might have on the inside. Just sprinkle the concoction on your seat then vacuum the excess after a few hours. The idea here is to let the powdery substance absorb the smells so that when you vacuum it away, the smell is now completely gone. The more your baking soda sits on the seats of your vehicle, the more it deodorizes everything.

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