Restoring your Car Interior

If you own a car with torn upholstery, dirty dashboard, stained fabric, and deteriorating parts, then it’s high time you restore the original beauty of your car interior. Ignoring your car’s cry for help will only shoot up your refurbishing costs in the long run. The longer you let it sit, the higher the costs will be.

A complete car restoration may be expensive. Luckily, there are cheaper alternatives to help bring back the glory of your original car interior.

Here are some tips on how to restore your car interior without breaking the bank.

  1. Clean your interior
Cleaning your car interior is the first and most important step in refurbishing your car. Use a cleaning agent to effectively wash off the dirt and grime inside your car. Assuming you haven’t washed your car in a while, you’ll most likely be surprised to find how much dirt has accumulated.

    For plastic and vinyl surfaces, use a scuff pad to scrub the surface. Make sure you cover all areas including hard to reach corners. Use our KevianClean Interior Defense to wipe off the dust in your interior.

    Remove all the loose garbage in your car and vacuum the surface to eliminate the particles left. Make sure you use the right cleaning material for each part to avoid ruining or destroying the material of your original car interior.

    1. Wash your upholstery and carpet
    Vacuum the carpet floors and upholstery seats. This will get rid of all dirt on the surface. For Leather upholstery, use our KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. This will help restore the leather material of your car seats and protect it from surface stains.

      Once you’ve covered all areas, park your car outside under a shaded area, open the doors and roll down your windows to let it dry.

      1. Take a trip to your local fabric store
      If you are saving on costs, you can change your old car upholstery and door panels by visiting your local fabric shop. Look for a fabric with the same color and material as your original panel or upholstery.

        Remove your old door panel, take out the extra foam and attach your new fabric using a spray adhesive. If you are changing your upholstery, you can buy an upholstery needle and high-quality thread. Stretch your new fabric until you cover any visible holes on the car seat.

        Restoring your car doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you have the right tools to do it.

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