How to Clean the Ceiling of your Car

When it comes to cleaning the interior of your car, some drivers tend to neglect the ceiling area. However, the ceiling fabric of your car is also prone to acquiring dirt, stain and absorbs odor just like your upholstery. Your car’s ceiling or also known as a headliner may be wrapped in fabric, leather, vinyl or other types of upholstery material.

The roof liner is made with a backing material such as fiberglass or board, a thin foam and a headliner material attached to the foam. The entire headliner is built in one piece. Therefore, in case it needs replacement, you have to purchase a complete set.

The headliner is easily stained, especially if an item is brushed against it. The material can quickly absorb dirt from the object and create a stain on the surface. At the same time, since it can also easily absorb odor, the smell of smoke or food can get stuck on the fabric.

In this regard, here are some techniques on how to clean the fabric to prevent the material from getting dirt marks and ugly stains. Always handle the headliner with care because it contains more delicate parts compared to other interior parts of your car.

  1. Wipe the surface. For minor soils and stains, use our KevianClean microfiber cloth to wipe the surface. If there are any loose dirt on the material, use a brush to gently remove the soil. Don’t apply too much pressure or the dirt can be embedded deeper into the fabric.
  1. Apply a fabric cleaner. Spray a small amount of fabric cleaner on the cloth. You can use the same product you clean your upholstery with. If your headliner is made of leather material, use our KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. Wipe the surface gently to lift off the dirt and stain from the surface without saturating the fabric. Then blot it off with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.
  1. Use a brush. For hard to remove stains, you can spray the upholstery cleaner directly on the headliner. Use a foaming cleaner because it works more effectively than a liquid pump cleaner. The foam helps break the dirt on the surface.

Let the solution sit for a while until it is absorbed by the material. Then use a brush with soft bristles and gently scrub the surface evenly. Make sure you cover the entire surface evenly and let it dry.

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