Protecting your Car from Theft

The first step to avoid vehicle theft is for you, as the owner and driver, to act responsibly. You should never be careless when it comes to dealing with your car because it can only encourage thieves to easily access your vehicle. You should always be alert and on the lookout for possible scenarios.

Here are some smart and useful tips on how to protect your car from robbers.

  1. Park your car in a well-lit area. If there are no designated parking lots, always pick a spot on the street where there is proper lighting. If you park your car in a dark area, it will only encourage burglars to rob your vehicle especially since they can be easily concealed in the dark.
  1. Always lock your doors. Every time you step out of the vehicle, make sure to secure and lock all your doors and keep all the windows closed. Do not leave cracks in the windows. Even when you’re just doing a quick errand or if you’re just going to buy a newspaper across the street. Some thieves wait for this brief moment so they can pounce on you. They are anticipating you to make the mistake of stepping out of your car without properly securing it. Remember, all they need is just a few seconds.
  1. Remove all personal items from sight. Keeping your cellphones, laptops, and other valuable items or devices in full view encourage thieves to break in your car. It’s the same concept of waving a candy in front of a child. It’s easy for most thieves to just break the glass and take your personal belongings.
  1. Use an additional lock system. Add more protection and security to your car by setting up a steering wheel lock or an alarm with a flasher. This will make it harder for thieves to penetrate your vehicle. Once they see you have additional protection, they may think twice.
  1. Install a dashboard camera. This is very useful because it can immediately scare off any thief from attempting to ransack your vehicle. Just keep the camera rolling even when you are away. Use the KevianClean Interior Defense to clean your dashboard before mounting your camera.
  1. Park away from exits. If your car is conveniently parked in exit areas, it makes it a better target for thieves. It makes it easier to drive off with your car if it’s already in the exit area. It’s better to park in locations where there is high traffic.

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