What it Costs when you Lose your Car Keys

How many times have your ever lost your car keys? No matter how many times we remind ourselves to put our keys in one area, it somehow ends up in the most uncanny locations. Searching for your car keys is such a waste of time especially when you’re in a hurry and you’re running late for an important meeting.

You’re lucky if you can still retrieve your car keys but for some, they never find it at all. So what do you do when you realize you car keys are nowhere in sight? In the older days, you can easily get a replacement car key with just a quick visit to a hardware shop, car dealership or your locksmith.

Car keys were usually easy to duplicate because of the simple and basic construction features. The downside is, it was easy for car thieves to manipulate, copy, and steal your vehicle. Nowadays, car keys are more sophisticated and advanced making it difficult to replicate.

This also means that it’s more expensive to replace. The more expensive your car is, the more costly it will be to reproduce.

Replacement Costs

Older cars that are produced until the mid 90’s are built with car keys with no security features. It is almost similar to how keys are produced which is why it is easier to make. A basic key will just cost you a few bucks if you have it copied by a locksmith.

If you prefer to get it from a car dealership, expect to pay at least four times more than your locksmith. You’re actually paying for the logo inscribed in the head of your car key.

Nowadays, car keys are built with an electronic key fob. Replacing this from a car dealership can cost you up to a hundred dollars depending on the design. The electronic key fob acts as a transmitter which makes it an important part of the key.

It requires programming using combinations of buttons to turn on the ignition. Some car dealerships provide this for free while others charge a labor fee.

Look for a Reliable Locksmith

Find a reputable and reliable locksmith to help you out. So that the next time you lose our keys again, you know where to go and how you can save money as well. Modern car keys are expensive so the best way to avoid encountering the same problem is to have a spare key.

If you are trying to save money, an extra key will go a long way. Otherwise, you might end up spending more just on lost car keys.

Another money saving tip when maintaining your car is to wash it on your own using the KevianClan Car Shampoo instead of paying a professional car wash service.

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