Manual vs. Automatic Car Transmission

When you’re shopping for a car, one of the most important factors you need to decide on is the transmission type. Are you more suited to drive an automatic or manual transmission? It actually depends on your driving skills and style.

So, what exactly is the difference between the two? Technically, they vary in terms of shifting gears. A manual transmission vehicle requires the driver to change gears using the gas and clutch pedal while automatic cars have automatic gears.

A manual transmission vehicle gives you more control over your speed and driving technique while consuming less fuel. However, it is less convenient because it requires more effort. An automatic transmission, on the other hand, may use up more fuel but is easier and more convenient to use.

So which one should you pick? Here are some additional information to help you decide which you feel is more suitable for you.

Automatic Transmission


  • It allows you to use both of your hands on the wheel. This is especially helpful and useful, especially for new drivers. This also serves as an additional security for drivers.
  • This is more comfortable and convenient for drivers since you are limited in using two pedals without having to worry about shifting gears. This way, you can concentrate more on your driving.
  • It is more suitable for driving up hilly slopes. You can maneuver and climb elevated angles more efficiently compared to manual transmission vehicles that are difficult to drive under these circumstances.
  • An automatic transmission allows you to navigate through traffic with ease. It eliminates the need for accelerating and slowing down constantly. If you are using an automatic car, all you need is to press on the pedal to move and stop.

Manual Transmission


  • A manual car is less expensive compared to an automatic vehicle. If you are not willing to spend extra, choose a manual car.
  • It requires less maintenance, therefore, it costs less too. Automatic vehicles are built with an extra mechanism that requires additional upkeep. The most important thing you need to worry about is the clutch system.
  • Since manual vehicles are built with a less complicated mechanism, it allows you to maximize more miles, use less gas and therefore, save you on fuel costs.

Whether you decide to choose a manual or automatic transmission vehicle, always make sure to regularly check your car for maintenance and wash it with the KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo to keep it in good running condition.

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