Pros and Cons of Using Leather Upholstery

There are many reasons why a lot of consumers prefer to use and buy leather upholstery over other materials especially in sofas and car seats. One of the top reason is because leather is synonymous with luxury. It looks, feels, and smells expensive.

However, before you purchase leather upholstery, here are some advantages and disadvantages to help you decide whether it will suit your lifestyle.


1. Long lasting – One of the benefits of leather material is its durability. Technically, durable products are more affordable than non-durable materials. It is easier to use and maintain compared to non-durable items. Leather may be resistant to certain chemicals and products that may damage the fabric.

2. Easy to maintain – As mentioned above, leather is easier to sustain. A leather furniture or can last up to 5 years or more depending on how you take care of your upholstery. You can use KevianClean Leather Cleaner to protect the material from harmful elements. For liquid spills, you can use a cloth to wipe it off, unlike cloth material which absorbs the stain.

3. Doesn’t stink – Since leather doesn’t absorb as easily as fabric materials, it doesn’t smell bad. Fabrics such as cloth tend to easily absorb substances which also means that it will cause the material to have a bad odor. If you have pets, their smell won’t easily cling to your upholstery, unlike fabrics. This is also applicable to smokers as well.


1. Prone to cracks and stains – Leather material is more prone to splits and cracks as compared to fabrics due to its tanned skin. It’s easier to become damaged by various factors such as sharp objects. You can prevent this by making sure that there are no sharp objects near or on your leather upholstery.

Another maintenance tip is to always keep your leather clean and moisturize it with the KevianClean Leather Conditioner to keep the surface from drying and cracking.

2. Less comfortable – Since leather is harder compared to the softness of cloth fabric, most consumers may find it less comfortable. Leather may tend to stick to your body due to certain temperature and humidity. It may also be hot on the skin when the weather is warm especially if it is directly under the sun.  

3. More expensive – For most buyers, the most important factor is the price of the upholstery. Since the leather material is much more expensive than other fabrics, most consumers end up buying non-leather products to fit their budget.

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