Kevian Clean Tips for Prolonging Your Car's Life

When it comes to car care, KevianClean stands as a firm competitor in the industry. Our company prides itself with top quality auto detailing products. But if you’re new to our site and you aren’t familiar with our products yet, you might not know how to utilize them to their maximum potential.

Here are the best ways to prolong your car’s life, KevianClean style.

Make Your Car Shine with KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo

Washing your car this weekend? Use KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo. This formula is especially made to match the chemical composition of car paint. It doesn’t wear off the car’s natural polish and shine. It also removes all the dirt and dust accumulated by your car’s exterior.

Keep Your Leather Seats Supple with KevianClean Leather Conditioner

Leather seats are valuable but they can get damaged over time. If you don’t take care of them properly, your leather car seats will crack and chip off. To prevent this from happening, use KevianClean Leather Conditioner. Simply apply a small amount of the conditioner on a microfiber towel and wipe it gently all over your leather seats. Make sure you condition your car seats every week or so to keep it hydrated, clean, and well-polished.

KevianClean Wheel Cleaner Adds Elegance to Your Ride

Your wheels also add a lot of personality to your car. You don’t want to make an impression as a dirty, untidy driver, do you? Use KevianClean Wheel Cleaner to eliminate the dirt and grime on your wheels. The formula is safe to use for all kinds of wheel material including chrome, steel, and aluminum. It helps bring out the metallic shine of your wheel rims while also making your tires look ebony black and good as new.

Protect Your Car’s Exterior using KevianClean Quick Wax

Rain can be a damaging element especially on car paint, but KevianClean Quick Wax has a waterproof formulation which makes water simply slide down the surface of your car. This will help prevent acid rain spots on your car’s exterior. This also applies to other substances which may come in contact with your car paint. Quick Wax comes in a very conservative spray bottle which ensures every single drop is used optimally.

KevianClean Interior Defense Keeps Your Interior Looking Brand New

Your leather seats aren’t the only ones that need care and polishing. The dashboard and other internal components of your car should also be given proper attention. KevianClean Interior Defense is made especially for the vinyl and plastic parts of your car’s interior. It eliminates dirt and grime while also creating a protective coating over your car’s interior surfaces.

As you can see, KevianClean has a complete range of products to keep your car looking good as long as possible. And the best thing about these products is that they are all eco-friendly and 100% safe to use, providing you with peace of mind especially if you have children and babies who ride your car all the time.

Order your KevianClean Premium Car Care products today! Every product is 100% guaranteed to work for you or your money back!

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