4 Winter Car Care Tips You Must Follow

Kevian Clean winter car care tipsWinter is here once again! Time sure flies so fast, and we'll soon be stuck in a foot-deep road of snow. 

Now that the weather is getting colder, there are some important car care tips that you need to take note of before leaving your car to freeze outside. Even if you have a garage, you will still need to get these done. Here are four of the vital to-do's for every car owner this winter.

1. Check your battery.

The batteries can get discharged over the cold winter weather, especially if you leave your car outside without any insulation or protection. Have your battery checked and prepare a charging system that you can use in emergency situations. Make sure your battery is nowhere near discharged because it will need all the power it has when running in cold weather. Also make it a point to start your car every day even if you aren't going to drive it.

2. Change your oil.

Dirty oil can bring huge problems in winter, particularly if the oil freezes up and the dirt particles harden. Have your oil changed while it isn't snowing yet. You should also check your filters and make sure they are in top shape. These will all work together to keep your car's performance satisfactory.

3. Check your brakes.

The brakes are very important during cold weather because the road is slippery due to snow and moisture. If your brakes are weak, you can get into unwanted accidents and collisions. If you can prevent it, now is the time to do so! Have your brakes checked by your mechanic to ensure that it's working properly. If your brakes are getting worn, have them replaced early on for safety purposes.

4. Get a tune-up.

Have everything else checked: your engine, clutch, ignition, and everything else that will need maintenance. A lot of problems arise during the cold weather because vehicles need to exert more effort to run efficiently. Getting a tune-up ahead of time will prevent you from getting stuck in the middle of the road, broken down. You should consider getting a tune-up every six months for optimal vehicular performance.

Now that you've got these tips noted down, it's time to implement them! Before snow falls, get these winter car care tips done and prepare your car for a safe and problem-free New Year. Have you done any of these yet? Let us know in the comments!Kevian Clean winter car care tips

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