How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro

Similar to washing your clothes, cleaning your car should also be a weekly routine. You can have it washed by a specialist, but that would cost you hundreds of dollars a year.

So why not do it yourself? Today we are going to go over the best steps in washing your car.

To start out, you’re going to need a few products. You are going to need the following:

You could also get a foam cannon and an air dryer for that professional cleaning. But don’t worry. You can survive with or without it. Although, let’s assume you’re planning to buy one.

The best practice of car wash technique is to start up by rinsing the vehicle with water and then we go to foaming the vehicle with a foam cannon. Afterwards, we proceed to the two bucket hand wash; one bucket is for the car shampoo solution and the other bucket with the clean rinse water. Remember that it is essential to have a grid guard for your buckets so that all the dirt will stay in the bottom of the bucket and not float around and attach itself back to the sponges every time you dip them.

Fill the foam cannon with the soapy solution, there are two controls in the unit; the top knob controls how much soap goes through it and the longer one controls the spray pattern. Connect the foam cannon to the pressure washer and now for the fun part spraying your car with foam.

Once the car has been foamed, it’s time to start with your hand wash. Soak your car wash mitt into the shampoo solution and start rubbing the car in small strokes. Be sure to wash your car from top to bottom and never the other way around or one place to another. This technique will make your job easier as it won’t spread out the dirt even more.

Once all of that is done, it’s time to go to our rinse. All we need is water to provide the spotless rinse. Then, the final stage of washing your vehicle is drying. There are a few options in drying your vehicle. You can either use a drying towel, a synthetic chamois or Shammy, or an air dyer. For professionals they use an air dryer, it is similar to a hair dryer. The air is heated and its blows out the water that accumulates in the difficult areas such as the door jams, mirrors, market lights, bumpers and in any of the grills.

The techniques that we provided will help you give your car a great wash and avoid any scratches and marks that could occur during your maintenance wash.

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