Is Idling Good for Your Car?

Some motorists make it a habit to warm up or idle their car as soon as they turn on their engine. When you leave your engine running while your car is still parked, then that is called idling. However, it has been a long debate whether or not you need to idle your car or not.

Modern cars that are fuel-injected and computerized controls, doesn’t require any idling. All you need is to start your engine and just drive off. Therefore it is unnecessary for you to idle your car.

Here are some ways on how you can keep your car idle free:

  • Avoid keeping your engine idle for more than 10 seconds. When you leave your car idle for 10 seconds or more then you are already actually wasting your gas. Some people have the misconception that restarting your engine will burn more fuel compared to idling your vehicle.
  • Turn on your engine and drive. This actually warms up your car. Even if it’s winter season, today’s modern and electronic vehicles do not need to be warmed up. Once you ignite your engine, after just a few seconds you’re ready and safe to go. When you are driving your car, you are actually warming up your car twice as much. However, avoid over-revving your engine.
  • Drive slowly to heat up your car. Another advantage of driving gradually is that it warms up your heating system quicker. If you are waiting and idling your vehicle, it is better to step out of your car rather than sit and inhale the exhaust leaking into your car.
  • Avoid idling for fuel efficiency. Whenever you are idling, you are wasting your fuel and your money as well. At the same time, it speeds up your engine’s wear and tear. Avoiding this will extend your engine’s lifespan and protect your vehicle.

Can idling do more damage to your car? Once you idle your car, raw fuel goes down the cylinders and into the oil. This contaminates the oil wearing it out easily. At the same time, it affects the engine’s lubrication.

When your car is idle for more than 30 seconds, it already has negative effects on our environment. Air pollution is higher. Plus, it can also add damage your car’s engine components.

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