How to Jump Start your Car

If you find yourself in a situation where your battery car suddenly dies while you are in the middle of the road, do not panic. First, try to steer your way towards a safe area where you can park your car without disrupting the traffic. Make sure you don’t park in curved roads because you can cause an accident too.

Be Ready with the Proper Tools

Jump starting your vehicle isn’t complicated at all. It is important that you have the proper tools stacked in your trunk at all times including a jumper cable because you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Get a Volunteer Car to Help you

Once you’re safely parked, try to flag down any approaching vehicle and ask for help. As soon as you find a volunteer, keep his car close to yours. Ask him to position his vehicle so that it is facing yours.

Turn off both your engines and make sure they are parked in neutral. Take out your jumper cables, connect it to the other vehicle’s battery. His battery should have at least the same voltage as yours for it to work properly.

Connect the Cables

Attach the jumper cables to both batteries. Make sure you connect and match the positive terminal to the same terminal in the other car. Do the same for the negative terminals.

Another way is to attach the black clip to the negative terminal of your volunteer’s car. Connect the other clip to the unpainted metal part of your car. When connecting the wires, always make sure the cables are properly connected and don’t interfere with the other engine parts.

Start the Engine

Once everything is set, switch on your volunteer’s vehicle. Leave the engine running for a couple of minutes so it can charge your dead battery and then try to start your car. In case it doesn’t come to life, check your cables again and inspect if the clips are tightly connected to the battery post then try again.

Allow the engine to idle for a few minutes to charge itself. Switch off the engine of both vehicles and remove the cables. Once your battery is fully charged, drive it around for at least a couple of minutes to recharge the battery.

In case your car still won’t start, your battery probably needs a replacement. Taking care of your battery will extend its lifespan. Do not forget to regularly check your batteries and clean the cables and terminals. Use the KevianClean Auto Detailing Towel to wipe away grease and dirt on your batteries.

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