Interior Detailing: What Cleaning Materials Do You Need?

Professional auto detailing can cost about $200 or higher, depending on your vehicle type and size. What many car owners don’t know is that they can do the car interior detailing by themselves in a surprisingly inexpensive way.

Plus, most of the tools and materials that you many need to work on cleaning the interior of your car are things that you may already have. Keeping your car clean and looking brand new not only increase its resale value but it also helps you save thousands of dollars from repair and maintenance cleaning.

If you already have a decent vacuum cleaner and an assortment of cleaning products, you already have almost everything you need. Throw in a couple of brushes, towels sponges and rags and you’ll be good to go.

But what exactly do you need to keep the car interior clean and what are they for? Here are the materials and tools that you need to prepare:

  • Vacuum cleaner – You don’t need to buy the brands for industrial use. In fact, even a small hand held vacuum cleaner would be good enough. If your vacuum cleaner is big, make sure to purchase it handheld attachments. These attachments will help get to the tight, hard-to-reach nooks in the car. If you can invest in a steam cleaning machine, then you should. It helps get rid of the dust and moist inside the car too.
  • Cleaning products – if you have had your car for a couple or so years, you must already have a list of cleaning products that you trust. It must include Leather Cleaner for your car seat, Quick Wax for the exterior and Interior Defense for the interior. Take a good look at the surfaces in your car before you assemble a basket of all your favorite cleaning materials from KevianClean.
  • Brushes and cleaning cloths – you will need brushes of different sizes to clean the AC vents and other hard-to-reach spaces in the car. Depending on the cleaner that you’re using, you will need to choose the right wash cloth, sponge or rag to use for its application on a surface. Remember to read instructions for the proper application of cleaning agents on a surface. Make sure that you are using the right one as it could make a huge difference.

Interior detailing is all about cleaning the car interior using the right cleaning agents and tools. When using cleaning products, be sure you are using the right one. When in doubt, make sure to test the cleaning product before using it on the surface of your car.

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