Car Interior Cleaning: How to Do It Right

How do you get your car interior as clean as if it were brand new? Some car owners think that it has become nearly impossible to get their car interior as clean as when it was brand new.

The everyday exposure to dust and pollution, not to mention the mess that the kids make, can really make the car interior really dirty. But car experts say that no matter how dirty the interior may be, there is something that can be done to get it cleaned.

All that one needs to do is to learn the tricks of how the experts do it. Before you lose all hope that your car can be as clean as you wish it would be, here are some tricks of the trade to help you:

  • Get a used but clean toothbrush or a cheap paint brush to keep the dust off the AC vents. These vents have very small space between them and a huge brush would make it difficult for you to get all the dust out. Instead of wiping the vents off with a damp towel, brushing will get the dust out even better and faster.
  • A small vacuum is always of good use to car owners. As it helps you get the dust out of the car carpet and the crumbs off the car seat, the small vacuum can also be used to keep the dust off the air conditioning vents. As you brush the dust off, it is best to hold the vacuum on the other hand. This will ensure that you get the dust off the ac and that it doesn’t settle anywhere else in the car interior.
  • Take the trash out. People who live busy lives, especially those who ride in the car with the kids have should have their own small trashcan inside the car. This will make sure that all the trash inside the car is in one place, so it’s easy to remember to take the trash out. If you have yet to put a trash can inside the car, it is important that you check every nook and cranny to get all the trash out.
  • Is there any way you can get all things gross and sticky inside the car without washing its interior? Yes there is. KevianClean Interior Defense will help wipe it off. More than the cleaning tips, it is the use of good cleaning agents that will truly make the cleaning process a success. With the right kind of cleaning product, any type of car cleaning can be achieved.

Don’t let your car interior wear out without care. Make sure you clean it properly and regularly.

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