How to Successfully Install a GPS System in your Car


If you’re bad with directions just like many drivers all over the world, having a GPS system installed in your car is like heaven on earth. It saves a lot of time, effort, and sanity. Mounting the system in your car is fairly easy and simple.

If you are using a portable GPS device, just follow these quick steps:

1. Most portable GPS devices can be mounted using a suction cup, rubberized pads or adhesives.

2. If you are placing it on the windshield, clean the glass first with alcohol before attaching the suction cup. This gets rid of any dirt on the glass.

3. If you prefer the dashboard, clean the surface before you mount your GPS system. Wipe off the dust with the KevianClean Interior Defense to get rid of any particles before you place your device. Place the GPS device on the center of the dashboard or the leftmost part. 

4. Pick a location which allows you to easily access and scan the device without interfering with your driving. It should be located in an area which does not disrupt your view of the road.

5. It is highly recommended for drivers to use the dashboard instead of the windshield especially since it might distract you or block your view while you are driving. If you are placing it on your dashboard, make sure you allow the adhesive of the hub to sit for at least 24 hours.

6. Attach the cradle and check if it is firmly in position before placing the GPS unit into the cradle. Plug the power cord of the device into the power outlet.

7. Once the GPS device is installed in your vehicle, set-up the program and input the necessary information needed such as the date, time, and address. If you are having trouble setting up the program, refer to the GPS manual for instructions.

8. Check the function where you can input the address of your location and destination. Some devices allow you to search different categories such as restaurants, malls, stores, parks and other places.

9. If you are stepping out of your car, keep your device stored in your compartment to avoid theft.

10. A GPS is definitely a worthwhile investment. However, you must practice using it responsibly especially since it is quite distracting to use. It is better to ask your passenger to type in your location and destination instead of doing it yourself. Your most important job is to keep your eyes on the road.

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