How to Make your Leather Water Resistant

Most of us are aware that water and leather do not mix well together. So, what really happens when leather gets wet? The water actually forms bonds with the oil that moistures the fibers and dries them away.

This is why you may notice that once the wet spot in the leather dries out, the area becomes stiff. Once this happens, the bonds that keep the fibers together become easily cracked. It weakens the fibers, top layers and coating, and the ultimately the surface and finish of the material.

Visually, water residue tends to leave a mark on the leather after it dries out. These watermarks are hard to eliminate and most likely will become permanently part of your leather. Water can damage the softness of your leather which can be expensive to repair. If not treated with care, it can leave your precious leather damaged and destroyed beyond repair.

So how do you make your leather product water resistant? Technically, you have to create a layer where the water won’t be able to get through. Most products can help protect the leather from water damage by making it water resistant.

The purpose of keeping your leather water resistant is to help protect its layers from further damage. However, prevention is still the best way to maintain your leather in good condition.

KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner can help repel water. Other products that can also be used as an alternative include grease, sprays, and wax. Here are some of their functions:

  • Grease-based dressing

This keeps water and mud away from the leather’s pores. This is recommended for shoes and boots that are constantly exposed to dirt, mud, rain or snow. The trade-off is you shouldn’t expect it to keep your boots looking glossy and shiny.

Avoid using it on suede or nubuck leather because it will only darken the leather. Some products may leave a certain smell or odor on your leather.

  • Sprays

Silicone sprays help repel water which can leave a certain gloss on the surface making it slightly slippery. This should be avoided on items that may possibly cause accidents. Silicone sprays may dry out your leather if overused.

For suede and nubuck leather, it is recommended that you use a water-based spray instead of an oil-based product because similar to grease, it can also affect the color of the leather.

  • Wax-based products

Some wax-based products can also be used for certain clothing to make it appear water resistant. However, there are specific products that can be used for leather only and not for fabric.

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