Why you Should Stop Smoking in your Car

If you’re a heavy smoker or perhaps your constant passenger is, you are probably aware how it affects the smell inside your vehicle. Many drivers and passengers are guilty of lighting a cigarette while on a trip or even while parked in the driveway. Smoking is a habit that is hard to kill.

If you often do this in your car, chances are you already know what happens next. Once you light a cigarette or tobacco and puff it inside your car, the smoke will creep into everything it can reach. It will stay in your seat covers, mats, carpet, interiors, and even the clothes you are wearing.

Even as you put out your cigar, the strong foul smell will continue to linger on. It doesn’t matter if you keep your windows open or not. You can’t easily get rid of the bad odor.
The best way is to avoid the habit of smoking inside your vehicle. Instead, you should step out of your car and maintain a distance. If you are too close to your car, the smell might creep in.

However, for those who are having a hard time dealing with the odor, here are some tips you can follow to help eradicate the smell.

1. Clean your car – Get rid of cigarette butts and ashes scattered inside your vehicle. Take out your ashtray and wash off the remnants. Take out your floor mats and shake off the ashes. Use the KevianClean Auto Detailing Towel to wipe off the residues.

2. Vacuum the interior – You can hire a professional detailing service to thoroughly clean your car or you can do it yourself. Brush the carpets, vacuum all necessary areas including your seat covers.

3. Wash your seat covers – The smell may be hard to eliminate once it’s crept into the seat covers. The best thing you can do is to wash the covers.

4. Replace the air filter – This will clean the trapped odor and keep the air fresh.

5. Use an air freshener – It will help freshen up the air inside your car. Place it on the vents so that it can regulate the circulation. This will also help in getting rid of the bad smell. If you are using an air spray, make sure you spray on the vent as well.  

As you can see, eliminating the smell of smoke isn’t a walk in a park. It is much easier to just step out of your vehicle and do it elsewhere than go through this tedious process every time you decide to light up a cigarette.

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