How to Replace Liftgate Bumpers

Your automobile's looks can get ruined by a worn-out, damaged liftgate or tailgate. Furthermore, your vehicular performance will also suffer because of al the rattling as you drive, which should then affect your mileage on top of being annoying.

Are your liftgate bumpers busted? Here's how you can go about replacing it. First, you'll need a Philips screwdriver, ratchet, socket set, and the replacement liftgate. Second, you might need an assistant, but that's optional.

An Easy to Moderate Task

  • Jeep Bumper Installation: First, go to the two bolts located at the top of the tailgate of your jeep. Remove them using a ¼-inch socket or 6-millimeter socket. To wrench them out, press on them hard first before removal. Afterwards, find the clip and pull it off using your screwdriver. This will make the strut of your jeep now removable.
  • Possible Assistant Assistance: If your vehicle has a tailgate that lifts upwards instead of downward, get an assistant to assist you. This is because he's the one responsible for holding the tailgate. On the other hand, you can also get a wooden support to do the same thing. Install your new liftgate bumper or bumpers.
  • SUV or Truck Bumper Installation: If you're installing the rear bumpers for an SUV or truck instead, an assistant can come in handy in holding the bumper up to the rear of your automobile so that the two metal brackets can reach the frame underneath. From there, line the two holes where the bolts are supposed to go.
  • Hand-Tighten Then Tool-Tighten: Reinforce the bolts with nuts by first hand-tightening them and then tightening them with a socket and ratchet. For bumpers on truck and SUV liftgates, their bolts require 12-14 millimeter sockets.
  • Car or Crossover Bumper Installation: When dealing with car and crossover liftgate bumpers, open the trunk or hatch first. Afterwards, put the bumper on your vehicle's rear, which might also need assistant help. Search for the holes along the top of the bumper. Line them up to the vehicle's holes. Install and tighten the small 8-10-millimeter bolts with the appropriate size of socket and ratchet.
  • Going Down Under: This time around, the bolts are found on the inside of the bumper, so you might need to go under your vehicle this time around. Use a flashlight. Look at the back of your rear tires for the row of holes in the liftgate bumper in order to align them with the set of holes of the rear fender edge.
  • Finishing Up: Use your Philips screwdriver to install and tighten the Philips screws on the holes of each side of your car to finish up installation. Once the liftgate itself has been installed, reinstall everything you've uninstalled in reverse order of removal, from struts to clips to bolts in the jeep's case.

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