How to Repair a Window Switch

The window switch and window switch bezel of your vehicle that moves your window glass up and down might break down at some point of its lifetime. It can fail because of wear or tear. It can also malfunction due to dirtiness or becoming accidentally wet.

The control panel bezel of the frame might also be busted, necessitating repair ASAP. Even beginner motorists can handle installing the switch bezel for their window. This typically requires a flathead screwdriver, canned air, and window switch kit or window switch bezel assembly.

Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions

  • Pry the Bezel Out from the Switch: Insert the screwdriver and use like a wedge on the switch bezel in order to pry it open. This is the ring with grooves that hold the cover of your switch in the right position, by the way. In order to pull the plug loose as well, push down on the locking tab. You should specifically look for tabs that lock the switch into place and press your screwdriver on those tabs to loosen the bezel.
  • Replace with a New Switch Bezel: Put in a new bezel after getting the old one out in order to see if that's enough to repair your switch. If the switch remains busted, then remove the replacement bezel and disassemble the old switch altogether. This is for the sake of cleaning the old switch to see if that's what it takes to fix your switch on top of replacing its bezel. The front part of the switch should be marked with a piece of tape.
  • Rocker Disassembly and Switch Cleanup: The switch should have rockers in its housing that you can disassemble then blow with canned air to get the dust out. Plug everything back in order to see if this will make your switch function once more. If bezel replacement and cleanup still can't make it work then unplug the switch so that you can go ahead and replace it with a new one.
  • Replace the Switch Itself: Attach the rockers to your replacement switch, snap the bezel back unto the housing, plug the whole thing into the outlet of your door, and push the locking tab into place. Afterwards, test the rockers to see if the window is finally going up and down, indicating that your new switch is finally working. Check to see if the switch is firmly assembled or else it won't "bite" or activate properly.
  • If It Still Doesn't Work: If replacing the switch doesn't work then something must be wrong with the rolling window mechanism itself. This is especially true if the glass itself has sunk out of sight. You might need to take the mechanism off and replacing it with a new one, which entails removing door panels and having an assistant hold the glass up while doing so. If this step is too advanced to you, consult your mechanic for more details.

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