How to Maximize the Mileage of Your Car

Do you wish to save cash on your fuel money every month? Then keep on reading this article. It has six tips you can use in regards to ensuring not a drop of petroleum gasoline or diesel fuel is wasted when you're driving your sedan or truck.

Car Mileage Maximization 101

  • Don't Carry Unnecessary Weight: The more weight your car carries the more fuel it burns. That's just a fact. If you want to save money on gas or fuel then only carry the bare necessities when traveling. Don't travel with so many passengers either. If you have to travel with passengers then carpool with coworkers to still save on money.
  • Remove Your Car's Roof Rack: Your roof's car rack, if it's not regularly used for camping, moving, or luggage, can be considered as unnecessary weight. If you don't need the roof rack then don't drag it around with your car or van. Instead, only install it when it's needed and let it sit at your garage when it's not because it's more of an anchor for your car when not in use. Either that or get a lighter roof rack.
  • Don't Drive During Rush Hour: You waste a lot of fuel keeping your vehicle in idle or the first gear during a heavy traffic jam. You can't save money by turning off your engine then turning it back on again when the traffic congestion starts moving either. It's better to avoid the rush hour altogether by having the discipline to drive to your work at the early hours of the morn.
  • Regularly Have Your Car Serviced: You can also end up wasting fuel by not maintaining your car through cleanings and tune-ups. An unclean car with its oil not regularly changed or its various parts not regularly inspected with burn fuel like it's nothing because it's running inefficiently. Change your oil according to maintenance schedule, among other parts that needs servicing.
  • Close Your Windows and Sunroof: There's a lot of drag from the air around you if you drive with your sunroof or windows opened up while driving in the highway to cool off. Sure, you can save on refrigerant or coolant by driving with windows open and your A/C turned off, but you're saving on one thing while wasting it on another. It's better to keep your vehicle aerodynamic and fuel-efficient with its windows closed during highway rides.
  • Make Fewer Trips and Errands: Use your car less and less to save fuel. This should probably be the number one most sensible way to save fuel, but there's more to it than that. You can save fossil fuel and the environment by only using your car when you absolutely have to, which is about once or twice a week to at least keep its battery from draining out completely from not using it for many months.

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