Why Natural Leather Cleaners Are The Best

Natural leather cleaners like KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner are the ideal solution for cleaning and conditioning leather seats in your car because of many reasons, chief among them their environment-friendly ingredients.

You don't want a product that leaves all sorts of nasty residue. What's worse, you might even need to do a spot check on your cleaner first because not all leathers are made alike and some cleaners might be too harsh for a given type of cleaner.

Read product labels for the ingredients to make sure there are no unnatural ingredients that can damage leather. If the ingredients aren't listed, contact the maker to see if they will provide a list. KevianClean products use all natural ingredients made from plants and list the ingredients on all the labels so you can rest assured you're getting a safe, Eco-friendly product.

Preferred Cleanliness

  • More Efficient Cleaning: A natural cleaner is able to deliver car cleanliness sooner and faster. This is because you're not as worried about dangerous chemical residue and odors that defeat the purpose of cleanup. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about damages to your car seat from the front to the back because your cleaner is too strong or filled with unnecessary bleach. When cleaning leather you need to be careful or else you'll make short work out of it.
  • Knowing How to Clean Leather: Leather Cleanup 101 is essentially all about dust removal without damaging the pores of the animal hide you're cleaning, grease removal with a degreasing agent, and conditioning using a proper conditioner that restores the emollient oils leather loses through the years. The drier your leather becomes the easier it is to degenerate. Some products even have a protective agent like wax that keeps your leather cleaner for longer.
  • The Advantage of Being Natural: Leather, as opposed to pleather or plastic molded to look like leather, is an organic kind of textile taken from animals. Therefore, it should also be cleaned with organic ingredients that don't leave film or residue that damages the leather in the long run, from bleaching it to leaving all sorts of strange and unsavory stains. To guarantee the leather's long life, use a natural and organic cleaner and conditioner in one product.
  • Guaranteeing Long Life: The integration of conditioner and protector on top of cleaner is a winning combo that guarantees the long life of your car seats and other automotive leather upholstery, from the sides to the ceiling as well as the dashboard. A 2-in-1 solution isn't only a cost-effective package deal. It also saves you from having to look for conditioners when push comes to shove. It just makes sense and saves cents.
  • Buy a Bottle Today: By buying a bottle of KevianClean Leather Cleaner, you'll get a pure, chemical-free cleaner that leaves a light, pleasant scent over your seats. It will also leave a beautiful and natural-looking matte finish that makes it look as good as new. Most importantly, it should be adept at removing light stains, oils, grime, and surface dirt by lifting them gently without compromising the integrity of the leather itself.


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