How to Properly Clean Interiors

When it comes to car window cleanup, people tend to associate it more with exterior cleaning than interior cleaning. This is a mistake. This means that only the outside parts of the windows are being cleaned and the insides have become filthy and unattended.

A responsible motorist like you shouldn't neglect cleaning the interior part of the window just as often as its exterior. When you clean windows, you should first lower the glass slightly to clean its top edge. From there, fully close said window and clean the remainder of it.

Interior Cleaning Tips

  • Don't Use Cleaners on the Clear Plastic Panel: Your interior cleaner of choice (such as KevianClean Interior Defense) should only end up on the dashboard and upholstery. You should be careful not to let it go into the clear plastic panels that cover the instrument panels (i.e., the see-through panels that show your speedometer and fuel gauge). These cleaners can make the plastic end up with spots or fog, thus making them less clear.
  • Enjoy Thorough Interior Cleaning through Seat Removal: When faced with heavily soiled carpets or spills between seats then do yourself a favor and remove the seat completely from the vehicle to get better access to the soiled area. The time it takes to remove the passenger and driver seats is made up by the accessibility of the vehicle's nooks and crannies when doing some heavy-duty cleanup.
  • Checking Harnesses When Removing Seats: Observe carefulness when cleaning by checking for under-the-seat wire harnesses. These typically come out of the carpets directly under the vehicle seat. They're also simple to unplug. Remember to plug back the harnesses and securely tighten up the seat again once the seats are reinstalled.
  • Always Rinse the Following Items: Double-check to make sure that you've rinsed all mats, upholstery, and carpeting after cleanup. Don't let any cleaner residue to remain on them. Ironically, the cleaner residue will only attract more dirt if left on the interior of your car. The cleaner is supposed to catch the dirt as you rinse it off so that the material will remain spic-and-span, after all.
  • Engine Bay Cleanup: Interior cleanup doesn't only cover the driver and passenger part of your vehicle. You should also do your part in cleaning the engine bay by using degreasers and strong cleaners instead of letting your mechanic handle all that grease and muck that land on your car. Drape your wet towels over your front fenders to keep your car paint from streaking and spotting from exposure to your engine bay cleaning fluids.

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