How to Clean a Urine-Stained Leather Couch

When a pet or a baby has a urine accident on the leather surface of your couch, it can be quite the challenge to clean up. You should clean this up ASAP so that it doesn't turn into an irremovable stain. Here's what you need to do.

Preparing the Leather

  • Soak off the Excess Urine: Soak up the urine left on the couch. Preferably, you should get to the urine while it's still wet. It's because it's harder to clean up urine that already dried up and turned into a stain of sorts. Don't rub the urine with paper towels because that will spread the stain. Instead, dab or blot the puddle out.
  • Remove the Stuffing of the Couch: If the leather couch cushion was where the urine puddle formed, remove the stuffing from the cushion in question. Usually, there's a zipper at the bottom edges or side to allow you cushion access. Put the cushion elsewhere for cleanup with an enzymatic cleanser of sorts.
  • Do a Cleanser Spot Test: Speaking of cleansers, before using a cleanser on your couch (usually found in retail chains, drugstores, and pet stores), you should first do a cleanser spot test. This involves testing the cleanser on an inconspicuous area on your couch to see if it reacts negatively on the leather or not.

Cleaning the Leather

  • Use a Cloth Dampened by Your Cleanser of Choice: As for cleaning the leather surface itself, use a cloth that's lightly dampened by the cleanser you've chosen (for example, the KevianClean Leather Cleaner). Afterwards, wipe the stained area. Gently drag the cloth. Don't rub or scrub the leather, which could damage it. Wipe the whole surface from seam to seam and edge to edge.
  • Wash the Couch's Stuffing: Going back to the stuffing you've removed from your leather cushion, now's the time to wash it with and enzymatic cleanser. Hand-wash it for good measure, squeeze it, and rinse it with clean running water. Repeat until all traces of the urine smell is gone. Dry the stuffing outside in sunlight to further help remove of the urine smell.
  • Reinsert the Stuffing: Insert the stuffing back to your leather cushion if it's already completely dry. Don't insert it if it's still partially wet, much less totally wet. Reposition the stuffing in a way that ensures the original shape of the leather cushion remains the same as before. After you're done putting the stuffing back in, zip the cushion shut.
  • Condition the Leather with Leather Conditioner: Once the leather itself is dry and no urine stain is left on it, then you can condition the leather with the right leather conditioner products. To do so, just put a small amount of product on a rag then wipe the entire leather surface in order to coat all sides of the cushion.

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