Spray Your Way to Eco-Friendly Car Cleanliness

 Your car interior can get assaulted by various things, from wayward children to the sun itself ruining your upholstery and dashboard.

What should you do to fix it? You can start by doing easy-spray cleanup of the insides of your car. You want to get your hands on something that can renew old dashboards, preserve plastic, and give new shine to your vinyl.

Products like KevianClean Interior Defense are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to ensuring that everything on the inside of your car is spic-and-span because you're able to preserve them in their absolute best condition possible.

The Eco-Friendly Solution

  • What It Means to Be Eco-Friendly: You might think automatically that cleaning your car's interior is eco-friendly in and of itself, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that threaten the health of its passengers and the environment. A truly eco-friendly product should only use organic or bio-based ingredients that are nontoxic.
  • A Gentle Cleaner: Some cleaners are quite harsh when it comes to cleaning out your interior, to the point of ruining your upholstery and dashboard with scratches, discoloration, and further worsening of existing damage. You instead should search for a gentle cleaner that protects your rugs, car floor, door and seat upholstery, and plastic dashboard from fingerprints, grime, dust, dirt, and oil.
  • Glossy Finish That Protects from UV Rays and Damage: Instead of buying a spray that produces soap and bubbles, thus forcing you to rinse it out and getting your carpet wet, you should instead get a spray that allows you to rub the dust out and leave behind a gloss finish of sorts that protects your car interior from the sun's rays and damage like cracking and drying. It should moisturize plastics and vinyl without leaving streaks or watermarks to boot.
  • The Freshest-Smelling Cleaner You Can Find: Your cleaner should have a light and pleasant lavender fragrance that won't leave your head dizzy or spinning. Its all-organic, no-VOC bio-ingredients should be easy to use with a spray bottle that produces a non-strong odor. There are sometimes brands of cleaner that go overboard with the perfume or scents use on their products, leaving an astringent smell that makes your eyes water and your nose stuffy.

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