How to Prevent Your Leather Upholstery from Sun Damage

Leather and sun are two things that don’t mix together. A scorching sun will only damage your car’s leather upholstery by drying the surface and eventually leading to fading and cracking of the material. Whether your leather is fully finished or not, the heat of the sun will dry up the moisture of the material.

The natural oils will gradually evaporate which will leave your leather stiff and dry. Sunlight also contributes to the fading of the leather especially aniline and semi-aniline leathers. Constant and direct exposure to sunlight may speed up the fading process in as little as 4 to 6 months.

This is something car owners don’t want to happen. Dressing up your car with leather upholstery isn’t a cheap thrill. A leather material may be expensive.

However, taking care of your leather upholstery requires effort. Here are some ways to prevent your leather upholstery from sun damage:

1. Protect the leather from direct sunlight

As mentioned, direct exposure will significantly damage your leather. A dark colored upholstery absorbs more heat. Leather seat covers specifically designed for cars are more resistant to sun damage.

You can install a tint in your windshield and windows to protect your leather from direct sunlight. Another option is to use car sun shields. Always park your car under a shade if possible to lessen the exposure.
2. Clean and protect the leather

A clean leather prevents bacteria from building up and causing further damage. Make it a habit to regularly wipe off your seat with the KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. It will also protect the surface of your leather seat from water stains.

If your leather is already faded, you need a professional to fix it by re-dyeing it. The cost may depend on the extent of the affected area. A dry leather, on the other hand, cannot be re-hydrated.

The natural oils cannot be replaced. You can either patch it up or re-dye it. This is why it is important to follow the preventive measures from sun damage including cleaning and protecting your leather regularly.

Since leather itself is highly absorbent, be wary of any liquid or oil you use on the surface. It will instantly absorb anything you put on it including dirt and grease. The liquid absorbed goes directly to the back of the leather. If this is left uncleaned, it may eventually progress to a stain on your leather.

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