How to Check if your Auto Body Shop Did the Right Job

Getting your car fixed by a reliable auto body shop is crucial to the success of the restoration of your vehicle. Some car owners don’t even bother to check the repair done while they are picking up their vehicle. They just drive off assuming that everything is in the right condition only to find out that the shop did a bad job on their car.

Taking time to inspect the parts will save you the time and energy. Do not neglect this step because it can prevent you from wasting time by going back and forth. Make sure that everything is clear and is written on paper. A professional service will guide you through each step.

Here some quick ways on how you can check if they fixed your car correctly.

1. Check the cleanliness of your car.

Your car should be fresh, clean, and vacuumed. Check the interior and exterior of your vehicle for signs of dust or grime. Reputable body shops wash the vehicles before they turn over the keys.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to see if there are any scratches left if the body is smeared with dust. Always insist on getting your car cleaned after the repair.

Once you get home, make sure you regularly clean your vehicle with KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo so that your car remains spotless and shiny.

2. Inspect the repair closely

You need to evaluate the repair done on your car. Make sure the body shop fixes the problem to your satisfaction. Check the paint job, touch the surface if it is even, open, and close your hood, trunk, and doors to check if they are properly aligned.

You can also ask your technician to show you all the repairs done to your vehicle so that you can go through each part and discuss the issues together.

In case you personally feel that you are unsatisfied with the service of your body shop, you should ask them to re-fix the problem or you can bring it to another reputable body shop and have it assessed for a second opinion. In some situations, the problems may show after a few weeks or months.

You might discover that your tires are uneven which means that suspension was not properly aligned. Go back to the body shop, present your paperwork and receipt, and have it fixed immediately. Do not hesitate to take your car back. Make sure that you are satisfied with the work done on your vehicle.  

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