How to use the Apple CarPlay App

Some car manufacturers tend to build complex audio systems in their vehicles. However, newer models now are giving drivers an option to use a smartphone software for their entertainment. If you’re an avid iPhone user and an Apple loyalist, you will definitely love the CarPlay application. When installing this app on your car, always clean your screen with the KevianClean Auto Detailing Towel to get rid of dust.

What is a CarPlay?

A CarPlay is an Apple software designed to keep you entertained using simple functions similar to how your iPhone works. It uses an iOS where you can practically send messages via iMessage, get directions for your driving, play music, connect to podcasts, and even use your phone’s call features. Imagine doing all of this without even touching your iPhone. You can rely on Siri’s voice commands to follow your instructions.

Don’t get confused because your car still has the standard built-in entertainment system. The CarPlay is just an application for your phone. You can always switch back to your car’s original settings to be able to use the normal functions of your information system.

What are the Requirements?

For it to work, you need to have an iPhone 5 or a newer version that runs on iOS 7.1 and above. However, not all cars support the CarPlay app. In fact, only selected 2016 models are capable of downloading this app directly on their vehicles.

Don’t let this get you down because if you own an older model, you can still convert your infotainment through a third party solution. You can swap your standard system with a CarPlay ready device.

How to Set it Up

All you need is a Lightning-to-USB cable to plug into your iPhone and your car. At first try, you will be required to go through a process of approving the app on your car to be able to access your phone. Once you complete the procedure, you ca easily connect anytime. Once you see the CarPlay app on your screen, you will notice that the interface is similar to how your phone looks.

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