How to Perform a Proper Car Wash

It's probably easier to give your car a bath compared to giving Fido one since it just sits still and allows the bath to happen, right?

Well, although it won't scamper or fidget like your dog would, this only means the success of your bathing depends wholly on how well you do.

Also, just like how you shouldn't use dishwashing soap on your canine and expect him to have soft fur instead of shedding all over the place, you should also use the right kind of shampoo on your car as well, such as KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo on the outside and KevianClean Interior Defense on the inside.

Tips When It Comes to Proper Car Bathing

  • Shampoo and Rinse Thoroughly: Wash your car thoroughly. Use a separate wash for the rest of your car and your wheels and tires to avoid cross-contamination or brake dust ending up on your paint finish. You need to remove as much grime, dust, and dirt as you can before you can start polishing or waxing our vehicle. Remember that the more regularly you wash your car, the easier it gets, so get to it!
  • Don't Wash with Dishwashing Soap: Dishwashing soap is excellent on dishes because they're abrasive, they work excellently with the dishwasher, and they intentionally accelerate the oxidation process. This is great for china and ceramic plates but terrible on both your dog's fur and your finish. In other words, your car's finish will look dull instead of shiny when you keep washing it with dishwashing soap instead of carwash shampoo from companies like KevianClean.
  • Ditch the Kitchen Sponge: Like the dishwashing soap or liquid, the kitchen sponge is also much more abrasive for the needs of a car with a paint finish. You don't use the sponge to scrub your walls so why would you use it to scrub your car? It's probably pretty dirty as well. The practical thing to do is to use hog's hair brushes to apply the soap and microfiber towels to dry out the freshly rinsed car for good measure.
  • What to Do After Drying: After you've cleaned and dried your car, look at its paint finish. If you notice parts of bugs, swirls, chunks of bird poop, water spots, rock chips, and scratches, then you should polish your car. You should use a special polishing cream to get it gleaming then wax it for good measure to give it a Saran Wrap kind of protection that keeps your polishing job intact for months' on end.


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