Your Guide to Fixing Noisy Wipers

It's not only annoying to deal with noisy wipers. It's also an indication that water isn't being wiped away by them in an efficient matter. You might end up seeing streak marks on the path of a squeaky wiper blade.

There are many reasons why your wipers are noisy or grating to the ears, chief among them is dirt and grime as well as wax, oil, or grease. You can clean your wipers and the rest of your car with KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo.

If it's the glass of your windshield that's causing the squeakiness, then you can also clean that out with the residue-free shampoo or opt for a window cleaner with ammonia in it.

Other Reasons Why Your Wipers Are Noisy

  • Bent Wiper Arm: If giving your windshield and wipers a nice, thorough cleaning didn't do the trick, then your wiper arm might be bent. To make sure that's the case, bring your wiper up to mid-stroke on your windshield, get out of your car, and examine the blade. The blades should be in contact with the glass and the blade arms should be parallel to the windshield itself. If the arm is crooked, use some pliers to carefully twist it in place. Or you can get it replaced if it's too bent.
  • Frozen Glass and Water Repellent Treatment: If your wiper blade is still chattering despite cleaning and the wiper arm isn't bent, then the glass might be frozen. Let it warm up with your defroster or the warmth of your room-temperature garage and you should be all good. You can wipe the glass with a rag dipped in warm water. You can also ensure clear vision on your windshield and windshield wipers by treating the glass with water repellent after you've cleaned it up.
  • The Virtues of Changing Blades: If you can afford it, you can keep your windshield clear by simply changing the blades regularly, perhaps once a year a la Christmas. If you can't afford it, then you should be careful with your existing wiper blades by cleaning the up carefully, minimizing their sun exposure, cleaning the glass they're wiping as well, and not abusing them. If you have to replace your blades, don't wait until you're on the middle of a downpour to realize it's time for blade replacement.
  • When to Replace Your Blades: The tail end of winter, like Christmastime, is the best time to replace your blades. Their harshest tour of duty during the cold and rainy months as well as their overexposure to the sun's rays in the summer might have already worn them down, necessitating their replacement. You'll be ready for spring rains again when you have a fresh set of wiper blades by March. Don't forget to regularly treat your windshield with water repellent every few months for good measure.

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