How to Remove Your Car Decal without Damaging Your Paint

Some car owners have a habit of decorating their car with bumper stickers with cool graphics and eye-catching statements. Basically, car decals represent a certain belief, group, status or just about anything you can think of. A car sticker represents the personality of the driver or owner.

Not everyone is fond of putting stickers on their windshield or bumper. There are certain decals that are actually mandated by the local government such as city stickers. Some of these need to be replaced every year. It may be easy to stick these decals on your vehicle but peeling them off is entirely a different story.

Here are some tips on how to peel-off your car sticker effortlessly:

1. Gather the materials you need including the following:

2. Clean the area surrounding the sticker. Make sure you wash your car using the KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo. This will ensure that all elements and contaminants are eliminated from the area. Wipe off any residue of dust, dirt or oil using your KevianClean Towel.

3. Bring out your hair dryer and use the heat function. Position the dryer a few inches above the sticker. Do not place it directly on the decal and your car paint.

4. Hold the dryer for a few seconds and make sure that the air from it is hot. Then move it around the sticker. Leave the edges of the decal last.

5. After warming the edges of the sticker, get your plastic card and slowly start scraping under the edges of the sticker to lift it up. The hot temperature allows loosens the stickiness of the decal so you should be able to scrape it off easily until you can peel off the sticker entirely.

6. The decal may sometimes break or tear apart in the process.

7. If you are still having trouble, you can repeat the process again until the sticker comes off.

8. Do not use a sharp blade or razor on your car paint as it will only damage your vehicle.

9. If you are removing the sticker from your windshield, use your card in a certain angle. It may require you more effort since some stickers may be harder to remove from the glass.

10. Once the decal is completely removed, you can start cleaning your car’s surface again to remove all residue.

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