How to Install a Windshield Light Mount Bracket

When it comes to putting up a light mount bracket for a windshield, let's hope it's as easy to put together as Lego blocks. It's moderately difficult to put up this bracket but not too hard.

Most any motorist worth their salt should be able to handle it. When buying such a bracket, get one that fits perfectly in the spaces and hinges already available on your ride.

Otherwise, you'll be using the rotary cutting tool and other tools to drill, slice, and cut your way to make more space. Essentially, your windshield light mount bracket should be placed at an area that allows for an easy wiring job.

The Step-by-Step Installation Approach

Before anything else, you'll need a socket wrench set, a rotary cutting tool, Torx screwdriver kit, windshield light mount bracket, and windshield light kit and wiring to make it all possible. As for the installation process, do the following.

  • Disconnect Terminal and Bracket Installation: Open your hood and use the open-face wrench to disconnect your negative battery terminal. Find the lower windshield hinge or the area where the body of the vehicle meets the windshield. Remove the Torx screws with your Torx screwdriver. Align the brackets onto the respective hinges and replace the Torx screws you removed earlier. Some off-road light kits come with their own Torx screws. Use those instead if available.
  • Light Rail Installation and Wire Connections: After bracket installation, place your windshield light rail unto the mount and install the retaining bolts with your socket wrench. Power the lights by doing their wiring with the wiring kit. Connect them down your engine compartment specifically. Run them down the jeep cabin through the driver's side door in case your windshield light is an above-the-windshield light rail for optimum performance. Run the power source directly into the positive terminal of your battery.
  • More Regarding Wiring Connections: Place the wire through the grommet lying near the gas pedal if it's running through your jeep's cabin instead. Afterwards, unbolt one bolt on the frame of your jeep with a socket wrench, install the ground wire of your windshield light, and put the bolt back. Run the end of your wiring kit instrument into the cabin and through the firewall in order to access the route nearest the grommet. This is where your wire will be fed right into the cabin near the gas pedal.
  • Wire and Cable Management: On the vacant space of your instrument panel just left of the steering wheel, use a rotary cutting tool to slice a small hole. You can also run your wire through there. Use zip ties for cable and wire management, specifically to route the wire up and under the steering column. From there, turn your car on and check if your rewiring was a success and if your windshield light is working.

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