How to Fix the Transmission Input Shaft Retainer

What's the transmission input shaft retainer exactly? It's what helps your transmission input shaft in running as smoothly as possible. You need the input shaft bearing retainer for bearing retention or else you car won't work properly.

When replacing it, you'll also need a large breaker bar with a deep socket, bearing grease, wrench set, sockets, input-shaft bearing, screwdriver, short socket extension, bearing seal, socket wrench, drain pan, rubber mallet, floor jack, jack stands, and transmission jack before working on it.

Guide to Repairing Your Transmission Input Shaft Retainer

  • Prepping the Vehicle and Removing the Transmission: Place the jack stand under the car's frame section. Jack up your vehicle and raise it high enough for you to fit underneath and work on the transmission. On the rear between the driveshaft yoke and the transmission output shaft, place your drain pan. Use a wrench to unbolt your driveshaft off of the transmission then swing it to the side. Disconnect all attachments to the transmission, including cooling lines, cables, and wiring plugs. Pull away the electric connections for good measure. Use a wrench on the cooling lines.
  • Auto Transmission Removal and Engine Crank: For the throttle valve cable and speedometer, loosen up their bolts. The inspection plate found under the transmission must be removed if you're replacing an automatic transmission instead of a manual one. Use a socket and socket wrench to remove the bolts. The opening left by the inspection plate allows you to unbolt with a wrench the automatic torque converter. An assistant might be called for in order to crank the engine then place a deep socket on the crankshaft pulley bolt to take each accessible bolt after every crank.
  • Manual Transmission Removal and Helper Assistance: Remove the starter and transmission with the right socket wrench, socket, and extension. Unbolt the bell housing bolts too. If you're removing a manual transmission, remove the manual shift linkage located on the driver side of the transmission. A wrench is required to remove it, taking not that it changes gears at every manual shift. Place the jack under the transmission to lift it. Connect straps or chains to the transmission before unbolting the cross member with a socket wrench and socket. Work outward then side-to-side with your helper when loosening the transmission from the engine.
  • Jack Up The Transmission and Replace the Retainer: Raise your jack to allow the transmission to work its way out of the care and expose its input shaft. Unbolt and slide off the input shaft retainer. Replace the old retainer with the new one and do the same with any old bearing. To make a new bearing retainer assembly, you need to remove the bearing seal with a screwdriver and slide out the shims before packing in a new bearing and grease into the assembly. Tap it into place as well. Finally, reinstall everything in reverse order of their removal.

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