DIY Axle Pivot Bracket Installation

Axle pivot brackets are made exclusively for a certain type and model of vehicle. They're used along with your suspension lift kit for improved performance. They can also fix alignment issues because you've lifted a car without dropping off the factory axles.

These axles are designed with various sizes in mind depending on usage. When installing them by yourself, you'll need a magnetic tray, ½-inch extension, ½-inch ratchet, ½-inch torque wrench, deep well socket set, combo wrench set, and rear tire chocks on top of your axle pivot bracket replacement.

Installing the Axle Pivot Bracket

  • Shopping for a New Axle Pivot Bracket: When buying a bracket replacement, make sure it's one with its own adjustable camber bolts in case the factory bolts are way too damaged as well. You can also use them to fine-tune the bracket alignment when putting in your new axle pivot bracket. Get one with a simple bolt-on installation to streamline the process as well. Brace yourself, since removing the old bracket is quite complex.
  • Prepping the Vehicle Up: Clean the suspension system before inspecting the components, especially the axle pivot bracket. Put up your parking brake then place tire chocks behind both tires. Jack up the vehicle with your shop jack to lift it up. Lift it so that your tires are an inch off the ground before taking off pressure from your axle eye bolt. Shake the vehicle first to ensure the vehicle is secured on your hack before you get under it.
  • Removing The Bracket: Remove the bracket by first removing the axle eye bolt with an 18-millimeter deep well socket plus breaker bar and extension. The nut on the backside of the bolt needs a 21-millimeter combination wrench instead. Remove the nut from the axle bracket eye rear by using your ratchet to replace your breaker bar. Use your magnetic tray to keep all those nuts and bolts in place without losing them.
  • Removing Various Nuts and Bolts: Gradually lower the jack to the ground to see the driver side axle. Work on the rest of the bracket bolts and make sure to check every bolt to see which ones require replacement. Go remove the two front axle pivot bracket nuts with your 21-millimeter deep well socket and your ratchet. Use your 21-millimeter socket with a breaker bar to take off the bottom nuts. Take off the top bolts with your 15-millimeter combo wrench.
  • Careful with the Coolant Lines: Be careful with every oil coolant line and transmission line. Don't pull them out accidentally. Use your 15-millimeter comb wrench on the bolt head and your ratchet plus 21-millimeter socket on the nuts. You've now loosened and removed every last nut and bolt holding the axle pivot bracket to your vehicle, so you can thusly remove it and replace it with a new one. Put everything back in reverse order with the right torques and whatnot.

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